Everything a Kennedy’s Gentleman would want to know about Irish Whiskey.

The  folks at Gear Patrol recently took a trip that makes any Irish Whiskey drinker pretty jealous. Fortunately they documented their story for an article, where they summarize the history of Irish Whiskey, the process for making it, and even describe the differences between some of the most famous brands of it.


If anyone from Gear Patrol is reading this blog, we know of a few Gentlemen that would love to tag along for similar trips in the future. :)


“One word – Excellent. I’ve been going here for almost two years and my experience has been 100% great. Kevin, Nick, Natalie are great. They greet me and my sons by name, they remember things we discussed when I was there last, and ask about what’s gone on since then. The haircuts are top notch and the shaves are smooth.”

- Jim M. • Stamford, CT